Protesting at the Statue of Liberty

Mostly because she is awesome (and only partly because she is a compulsive planner), my girlfriend managed to snag tickets to the crown of the Statue of Liberty back in December. Of course, purchasing tickets to the crown has to be done 6 months before you you actually want to visit, so it was a miracle when we got up Saturday morning to warm weather and sunny skies.

Climbing to the top of the crown in the cramped metal staircase was an interesting ordeal by itself, but it was well worth the while. Amaris and I got to spend about 20 minutes in the crown with nobody but the park ranger to keep us company.

And he was actually decent company. Next to his little metal chair, he kept a book of old photographs of the statue. Most interesting were those pictures of protests back before they cut down on the number of visitors.

I thought I’d reproduce some of those stories and pictures here for your entertainment:

August 23, 2001

French stuntman Thierry Devaux tries to land on the statue and bungee jump from the flame. Instead, he gets caught and has to wait for police to rescue him.

December 26, 1971

Members of Vietnam Veterans Against the War barricade themselves for 2 days inside the crown of the Statue of Liberty, hanging out banners and signs protesting the war.

November 5, 2000

Tito Kayak, a Puerto Rican environmental activist, and a group of Puerto Ricans hang flags from the Statue of Liberty (and then hang out on the crown, enjoying the view).



    1. the crown will be closed again in november for construction…so for those of you interested in visiting the crown: buy tickets soon!!

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